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Purveyors of the finest bespoke pedals
and stompboxes known to humanity

A.I.B Custom effects is a company that provides effects and other crazy 9v stuff for guitar and bass. Why "Real"? Simply because everything is 100% Handmade. From drilling templates, machining, concept, point-to-point soldering to wiring, design, paint, drawing...EVERYTHING!
You won't see any stickers, decals or etching. Only genuine handmade custom techniques.
Based and manufactured in an workshop in France, no subcontractors are hired at any point in a building/designing process.
All components are selected for their reliability and manually assembled with the highest dedication.
AIB The Rifle V1 Custom

Huge sounding, Full Blown Fuzz.

AIB, The Rifle V2 Custom

Huge sounding, Full Blown Fuzz.

AIB, The Rifle V1 Carbon

Huge sounding, Full Blown Fuzz.

Joe's Pedals ltd. 115 Chancellors Way, Exeter, Devon. Company no: 07328535

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