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Buffalo fx - Evolution


Buffalo fx - Evolution
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The Evolution Overdrive is a highly unique and massively tweaked amalgamation of two of the most famous pedals ever created. The roots of the evolution lie in the 70's big muff which was used as the basis of the overdrive pedal made by a world renowned UK builder in the early nineties. I've gone back to the drawing board and re-worked the muff circuit to incorporate some changes while still keeping the overdriven character of the early nineties version.

Light drive to full on British style tube amp distortion, the Evolution cuts through with articulate mids and just the right amount of low end to really stand out in a band mix. A blend of silicon and germanium components, great dynamics and touch responsiveness make the evolution sound and feel like you're plugged straight into a cranked tube amplifier.

The standard drive, tone and volume controls are complimented by the contour control allowing you to set the mid range of the pedal from pronounced to a more flat response

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