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Cast Engineering, Gypsy Haze

Price: 199.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Cast Engineering, Gypsy Haze
In stock

The Gypsy Haze gives you a fuzz that can stand on its own or sit well in a mix and an octave up that will not disappoint. Rich and dynamic, the Gypsy Haze interacts well with your guitar volume and tone knobs, giving you endless options for tone. This pedal was born simply as a solid octave fuzz circuit, but we knew it was capable of so much more. We spent countless hours designing and perfecting a switching system that is unique to cast engineering.
We give you the options to engage the octave momentarily, or click it and leave it on, or engage our stutter mode with tap tempo. Our stutter mode turns the pedal into an “auto octave up” fuzz. Our momentary switch turns into a tap tempo for how slow/fast you want the octave to turn off and on/

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