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Dr Scientist Tremolessence

Price: 219.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Dr Scientist Tremolessence
In stock

About 3000 years from now, while vacationing in a dark corner of some dark galaxy, Dr. Scientist is going to invent some pretty cool shapes. Squares and triangles, to be exact. (You've maybe already heard of these shapes thanks to a mess-up involving certain time-space... things... but lawyers are involved and we can't say more.)

Dr. Scientist doesn't want to use these wild shapes just for neat looking pizzas though... he wants to make cool sounds with them! Sounds that will get quiet... then loud again... then quiet... then loud... Or maybe even sounds that will start... then stop... then start... then stop... at all kinds of different rates and with a fancy blinking light indicative of the aforementioned rates!

A special team of Dr. Scientist Tremolizers was given the task of harnessing the essences of squares and triangles, and then forcing that essence onto guitar tones. Their mastery of the shapes has culminated in... THE TREMOLESSENCE!

Dr. Scientist knows you've been searching... longing for a really versatile, transparent, and most importantly, noise-free, tremolo effect. One that makes all the cool sounds the cool kids are into.

Like gentle swells to full on/off chops, plucky, piano-like attacks to fade-ins, and gated sounds that let almost none to almost all the sound through... all possible with the SHAPE control and the choice of triangle and square waveforms on the lower toggle switch.

The DEPTH control lets you adjust the prominence of the tremolo effect. All the way down and the tremolo effect is very subtle, all the way up results in really dramatic sounds.

The SPEED control combined with the top toggle switch allows for a wide range of effect rates, from very slow to very fast.

From classic to futuristic tremolo sounds with classically futuristic good looks, Dr. Scientist guarantees you'll find the essence of millions of awesome sounding tremolo tones inside THE TREMOLESSENCE!

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