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ELTA Music Console

Price: 239.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

ELTA Music Console
In stock

CONSOLE effects pedal with interchangeable cartriges. From Reverb and Shimmer to Bit crusher and Glitch effect.

There are 10 cartriges available for start. Each contains 3 effects.

Cathedral - Reverb and space effects
Magic - Pitched delays
Time - Classic Mod delays
Vibrotrem - Modulation efects
Filter - Filter and Wah
Vibe - Rotary phase mods
Pitch Shifter - Octave and Pitch
Infinity - Big ambient effects
String Ringer - Audio rate modulation
Synthex-1 - Bass Synth
Learn more about the effects in the cartrige manual below.

Console comes with Cathedral and Magic cartriges.

Download Owners Manual here

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