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Emanating Fist Electronics2011 saw the birth of a new saga for D*A*M Stompboxes. Emanating Fist Electronics. Solid in appearance and sonic delivery. Something that will hold its own in the fury of live performance, something that will perform like a king under studio scrutiny. Low noise, stable and reliable. Tough, well fed, but with class.

The construction style is a no nonsense approach. A true 1970's vibe all the way. Overblown enclosures chunky printed circuit boards with clean precise wiring. High quality hardware is used through-out with components selected for durability and performance.

Each and every EFE noise maker has the circuit set-up, transistor selection/bias and final inspection done by David A Main. Assembly is handled by Linzi Haynes. A highly skilled pedal constructor with 8 years experience to her name. The same care and attention is given to every Emanating Fist Electronics sound device as with any D*A*M product and as with all D*A*M goods they come with a 5 year guarantee.
Emanating Fist Electronics, Black Acid

A ball buster silicon Fuzz Face relative.

Emanating Fist Electronics, Dope Priest

Big Muff style fuzz with refined tailoring.

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