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Ghost Effects, Silicon Pep Box, Blue


Ghost Effects, Silicon Pep Box, Blue
In stock

Silicon Pep Box

A version of the WEM Rush Pep Box which was manufactured during 1966-1967.

I borrowed a very rare original unit from Tim Felton (Broadcast/Seeland) to confirm the circuit and the component values for this pedal.

Quite a full on classic 1960s Garage fuzz sound to the Pep Box, with more subtle tones as you turn the 'Pep' down.

Uses 2 BC107 Silicon NPN transistors like the original.

The Silicon Pep Box PCB was designed by Stu Castledine and professionally manufactured in the UK.

An output capacitor 'Tone' control can be added to the circuit if you want more versatility. With this the bottom end can be increased.

All Ghost Effects Silicon Pep Boxes have professionally powdercoated cases by Bournes and with traffolyte label,

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