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Heavy ElectronicsHeavy Electronics was created by Sayer Payne in 2007. It was born out of a desire for honesty in tone, construction, aesthetic, and price. Heavy Electronics makes road-ready effects pedals made with the finest components teamed with superior design. Guitar pedals made for musicians and everyone is played prior to shipping to eliminate any compromises. It is for this reason specifically, that Heavy Electronics offers a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defect. All pedals are hand-made in Minneapolis. This isn't just about pedals. It's about your art."
Heavy Electronics El Oso

Crushing Bass Distortion.

Heavy Electronics Radio Havana

The Tone of a small transistor radio.

Heavy Electronics Highway 77

A set it and forget it distortion rock box.

Heavy Electronics Saturn

Electronic gateway to deep-space guitar modulation.

Heavy Electronics Grind Fuzz

A fuzz that maintains note definition.

Heavy Electronics Red Eyes

Overdrive with a classic sense of gain.

Heavy Electronics Rodeo Loop

Compact yet durable true-bypass loop.

Heavy Electronics Descend

Simple and precise volume reduction.

Heavy Electronics Ascend

A refined one-knob clean boost.

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