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KleissonicKleissonic is a small but dedicated company and would like to stay that way. Because Kleissonic just wants to experiment and try new things, to create gear that is fun to design and fun to play, works hard and have fun doing it. Kleissonic wants to build products with no compromises and to push the limits of technology and "weird" sounds in music. Kleissonic pedals are considered the bench mark for boutique level effect pedals worldwide. Each pedal is hand built in Berlin, Germany using True Bypass switching (with L.E.D. status indicators) in all the pedals and there are NO miniature surface mount chips, capacitors, or resistors.
Kleissonic does not pay any artist to use its pedals, they use them because they want to and because the pedals give them the sound they require.

Joe's Pedals ltd. 115 Chancellors Way, Exeter, Devon. Company no: 07328535

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