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Lightning Wave Astro

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Lightning Wave Astro
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A precisely matched 4-stage MOSFET circuit (8-stage available) with optically coupled gate control unlocks this analog phaser circuit to a range of functionality that was previously unheard of.
The carefully designed interface enables an enhanced level of control over the sweep range with little more than a single fader and a near invisible touch sensor.

Designed for experimentation and performance, Lightning Wave effects provide an entirely unique interface for creating modulation waves.
Traditionally a musician would input a combination of dial settings to get a desired modulation waveform.
The Lightning Wave interface enables users to define a waveform by drawing the shape with the fader. Once recorded the LFO shape will stay stored in one of five preset banks.
Field Effect Transistors drive a swirling analog phaser circuit with undertones of a futuristic civilization run by the noise rocking elite.
Controlling the phase depth with an expression pedal and triggering waveforms can lead to a myriad of interactions that have yet to be heard from a phaser effect.

Preset Storage:
5 memory banks - LED colour = red, blue, green, yellow, magenta
Sequence mode = 255 steps maximum
Wave mode = 255 beats - recorded at 60bpm - 4m15s

Control Voltage:
Output - 0-5V
Input - 0-5V

Trigger / BPM / Tempo Sync:
Input + Output - Selectable to S-trig or V-trig.

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