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Lightning Wave Ghost

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Lightning Wave Ghost
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If you're looking for a trem that mimics a vintage amplifier tone, this is not it. The Ghost was designed to modulate amplitude transparently and to keep your signal how you already like it. Optical isolation keeps noise at a minimum while providing a smooth response to the wave shapes you create yourself.
Trigger modes add an additional dimension by making it possible to create dynamic swells that are anything from a blip to minutes long.
Expression control can be assigned to depth or the speed of the wave. Controlling a blank preset (see mk3 manual) can also enable the effect to be used as an active volume pedal.
If your favourite tremolo or other modulation effect has CV or 0-5V expression control, you can use a Lightning Wave pedal to create new LFO shapes or keep it in time with a drum machine sync pulse.

Designed for experimentation and performance, Lightning Wave effects provide an entirely unique interface for creating modulation waves.
Traditionally a musician would input a combination of dial settings to get a desired modulation waveform.
The Lightning Wave interface enables users to define a waveform by drawing the shape with the fader. Once recorded the LFO shape will stay stored in one of five preset banks.
With a vintage warmth and optical response, the Ghost flows seamlessly from absolute transparency to opacity with the versatility of one of the most futuristic tremolos ever designed.
Whether triggering slow swells or drawing rhythmic square waves, this device brings a new dimension to the realm of tremolo effects.

Preset Storage:
5 memory banks - LED colour = red, blue, green, yellow, magenta
Sequence mode = 255 steps maximum
Wave mode = 255 beats - recorded at 60bpm - 4m15s

Control Voltage:
Output - 0-5V
Input - 0-5V

Trigger / BPM / Tempo Sync:
Input + Output - Selectable to S-trig or V-trig.

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