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Lazy J Cruiser

It’s a Booster/Overdrive pedal in one, or, something in between.


Bullitt Overdrive Od-oNe Vintage Limited

One of the best most natural overdrives i have ever tried.


Subdecay Super Nova Drive.

Sweet overdrive with a 3 band EQ


Dr Scientist The Elements

An amazing box of tricks!!


BMF Purple Nurple

A simple but very versitile overdrive


BMF The Great Wide Open

A great wide open distortion.


BMF El Jefe Overdrive

A classic in overdrives


CTC Stardust

A tube amp on fire.


CTC Starlight

Smooth liquid fuzz-distortion


CTC Black Magic

High Gain Distortion


CTC Ziggy

Low to medium gain amp like overdrive


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