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Pigdog Pedals Omolon


Pigdog Pedals Omolon
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For those of you au fait with Destiny, the computer game, will notice a theme in the naming of these recent Pigdog incarnations.

The Omolon is the bigger brother to the recent Party Favour.
The Omolon is a variation on the Burns Buzzaround but unlike the Party this one has the bias control so you can sweep through the fuzz textures of the circuit. It is voiced slightly differently from that of a traditional buzzaround circuit, it has more filling mids and a high gain goodness thats rich and dense but still reacts nicely to the guitar volume. Using three carefully selected NOS Germanium NKT MT57's these are built in the traditional method, handwired on tag board which is time consuming, but the result is some excellent craftsmanship and another fantasic fuzz from Pigdog.


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