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Randale Pedale, The Supra

Price: 219.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Randale Pedale, The Supra
In stock

RANDALE PEDALES take on “frankensteined” vintage pedals for the future

As archaic as mangy as its ancestor the ´´68 “super fuzz”. But pimped to the bone for tightness and bottom end. Just a riff loving hool pumping rasp, raw octaviness.


- mid control instead of the original toggle switch

- treble cut helps to keep the top end in check

- active bass boost

- clipping selector to get you three different flavors. Pure fuzz. slick. And thick and crunchy.

- trimmers on the board for finetune the octave (oct.trim) or mess with one diode pair.
knob layout:

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