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Skreddy Pedals
Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver

Lets you play in that magical zone between clean and dirt, between overdrive and fuzz.

Skreddy Pedals, Swirl

Optical Phase Shifter with a Classic 1969 Voice

Skreddy Echo

A delay designed to emulate that of an old green tube tape echo.

Skreddy P19

Smooth, Soaring Sustain with sweet articulation.

Skreddy Lunar Module Mini Deluxe

Edgy, Aggressive Silicon Fuzz
with huge range including clean, overdrive, and distortion.

Skreddy BC109 Fuzz

Ripping High Gain Oldschool Fuzz.

Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine

Optical Phase Shifter
With a Classic 70's Voice

Skreddy Supa Tone

Raspy, boomy distortion great for Bass or Guitar.

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