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StoneFly Effects Two Headed Werewolf Fuzz

Price: 295.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

StoneFly Effects Two Headed Werewolf Fuzz
In stock

I am very lucky to be able to offer a bunch of these for sale. Marc-Eric Gagnon makes some of the finest fuzz pedals I have ever heard. Pedals beautifully constructed by a real enthusiast with great attention and love. This comes out in the sound, pedals that make you want to play and drift off into a sonic bliss that puts a smile on your face. Needless to say these are very limited as only a few are produced each year.

The description below was pinched from ;)

The Two Headed Werewolf is a fuzzy, octave-laden power box, combining some classic tones with modern upgrades and circuit revisions, to form an all-powerful effects pedal that is NOT to be toyed with.
Building off of the classic Gary Hurst CBS Arbiter Doubler and Foxx Tone Machine effects, the Two Headed Werewolf is loaded with 4 Silicon BC 549 transistors, providing more fuzz and a more present octave section. Sustain, Filter and Volume controls let you determine how this beast is gonna punish your amp, with the first footswitch is Fuzz On/Off and the second one is the Octave On/Off. This feature is reversed when the toggle is in Germanium position (down), which switches the Q1 transistor for a Germanium Sanyo 2SD72 offering a complete other flavour.
To add to the craziness of the pedal, StoneFly decided to build it on a good old tag-board, adding to the circuit a noise filter for those using a bad power supply. The pedal also features a battery door for an easy convenient battery replacement. The super-unique and intricate artwork was done by Adrian Brouchy from Coven Illustracion, and the knobs are reproductions of vintage Gibson knobs that Marc makes himself copied from pre-war lap-steels. Very cool, indeed.


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