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Stone Deaf Fx
Stone Deaf FX and Amplification are an independent boutique effects pedal and Amplification manufacturer, based in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

Our aim as a family business is to make hand built, innovative, high quality stomp boxes, guitar amplifiers and accessories for the discerning musicians that are all over the world.

As a father and son outfit we take great care in designing our products from their inception all the way through to their completion. Fusing high quality components with sound ideas from the past and present, providing functionality in tone that produces high quality sonic capabilities and making sure our products are useful in live applications as well as studio applications.

Our Pedals and Amplifiers are distinctive in tone, looks and quality of which all of these traits will help you to explore your individual creativity.
Stone Deaf FX Syncopy

Digitally controlled analog delay.

Stone Deaf FX,  PDF-2

Parametric Distortion Filter.
As used by Queens of the Stoneage

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