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SubdecaySubdecay Studios, a leader in boutique guitar effects, has been busy perfecting the craft for over a decade with ground breaking stompboxes like the original Liquid Sunshine overdrive jfet design in 2004, or the synthesizer insanity of The Noisebox in 2006. The world of filter pedals was changed forever by The Prometheus in 2008.

Dedicated to stunning original effects, we only release new products when convinced of their modern classic destiny. Subdecay offers tone you can’t find anywhere else. Subdecay is run by musicians and we build products for musicians. We hope you receive as much enjoyment using our pedals as we do creating them.

Subdecay Vitruvian Mod

A Ring modulator with the soul of a synthesizer

Subdecay Liquid Sunshine

The New MKIII Class A Overdrive

Subdecay Prometheus Deluxe

Autowah, envelope filter, step filter, random sample/hold filter, even a pixelated envelope filter.

Subdecay Octasynth

Converts your guitar signal in to three octaves of square waves singing in unison.

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