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Sweet 16 Digital Delay

Price: 299.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Sweet 16 Digital Delay
In stock

The Sweet 16 Digital Delay is a faithful recreation of the now rare and sought after Electro Harmonix 16 Second delay as used by Robert Fripp and Nels Cline.
This unit features a tap tempo delay, with reverse, slow/fast mode, variable pitch, infinite mode and a modulation section.
There is also Vintage mode which gives the option to constantly record while bypassed.

Its an intuitive inspirational device which has been well thought out. It sounds great as a straight delay but then in loop mode you can apply modulation, time stretch and reverse.
Use it as a tap tempo digital delay and bring in flavours of modulation to create swirling sound scapes.The delays can also be reversed.
In loop mode, your played loop can be manipulated by reversing, time stretching or squashing and modulating, this can be locked down and used as a blend-able sonic back drop.

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