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Xotic XW-1 Wah Pedal


Xotic XW-1 Wah Pedal
In stock

In really great condition with the box.

Although it is originally based on the Clyde McCoy wahs of the late 60's this pedal offers up so much more. Thanks to its 4 external controls which alter Bias, Wah Q, Treble and Bass you have a near unlimited pallet of sounds at your fingertips without needing to crack out the soldering iron. The Bias controls a wide range off different things but in essence when turned down it gives you a more vintage transparent style wah while at the other end you get a more pronounced wah sound with firmer bass and a bit of an output boost.

The Wah Q control as you would expect controls the Q or width of the filter. Simply put the lower the control the smaller the distance the wah effect will move. Finally the Treble and Bass controls will add or cut +/-15dB either side so you can get the perfect wah sound that matches your rig.

Then we get to the internal controls. Inside the pedal you can also easily control the input gain with up to +6dB of boost available as well as the wah frequency range by flicking the internal dip switches.

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