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In The Pipeline:

Blackarts restock
Smallsound...more minis
Ramble fx Twin Benders.

Some cool stuff in the USED section too, which is regularly updated.

Just in, some new strings from Throbak.
"At ThroBak it's dedication to quality and craft. Vintage Choice electric guitar strings are custom made for ThroBak by a two man machine shop down the road from us with nearly half a century of experience making electric guitar strings. ThroBak pure Nickel strings and Nickel wound strings are crafted with a level of generational expertise that is now rare in a world so focused on cost over quality. Are these the best Electric Guitar Strings out there - well we think so - but try some for yourself and you be the judge! 100% USA made with only the finest USA made wire."

Throback Strings

Dickinson D1 Overdrive
Full range, tonally pure, beautifully compressed valve overdrive and distortion whilst maintaining the integrity of your guitar and amp sound., Now in stock
Dickinson D1

On Special
NOBELS ODR-1 Natural Overdrive. "The best overdrive on the market" states Jerry Donahue of the Hellecasters. Nashville studio guitarists rated the ODR-1 the best overdrive and players around the world had discovered the sounds from light grit to screaming crunch with a solid midrange and singing sustain in this mythical guitar effect that now is available again.
Nobels ODR-1

Now in Stock, the amazing DryBell Vibe Machine v2

The Vibe Machine™ series – the world’s first smallest vibe pedal. Even in its little box it retains all the features of the classic Uni-Vibe® – small in size, big on sound! When you switch the Vibe Machine V-2 on, your guitar melts into a swirling three dimensional space inhabited by chewy vibe harmonics and textures. It’s all here from shimmering liquid trebles to throbbing pulse-like waves of bass; a sonic force of beauty that tears down the walls around you!

Drybell Vibe Machine V2

Jackson Audio Prism

Designed as the ultimate tone shaping tool for a player’s pedalboard, the PRISM is a buffer, boost, preamp, EQ and overdrive all in one beautiful and compact stainless steel enclosure!
“I love it! It’s like Photoshop for guitar!” – Mateus Asato

Much like an optical prism, which takes white light and breaks it apart into the different colors, the Jackson Audio PRISM takes your guitar’s natural tone and allows you to boost it, shape it and transform it into a new tone that is uniquely you!

Use it shape your tone, slam the front of your amp or add new dimension to your existing pedals, any way you use it, we believe the PRISM will be the cornerstone of your rig for many years to come!
Jackson Audio Prism

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