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red sun fx, White Fuzz


red sun fx, White Fuzz
In stock

The WHITE FUZZ is loosely based on the classic 70s silicon Fuzz Face circuit but features a special circuit board, more versatile sounds and a tone control.

This pedal is used by The Picturebooks, Mount Hush, Mountain Witch & Stoned Jesus.

selected silicon transistors
circuit handwired on a special black circuit board
Switchcraft jacks, OMEG audio grade metal case potentiometers
professional grade footswitch, made in Japan by DeMont
True bypass with white status LED
rugged black powdercoated Hammond enclosure
laser-etched faceplate
Size with knobs/jacks: 116mm x 100mm x 52mm
screen printed cloth bag included
The pedal is powered environment & pedalboard-friendly by a 9V-Boss type jack.


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